Jhoole Artisans in Maheshwar


Jhoole is a nonprofit fair trade social enterprise located in the weavers’ village of Maheshwar on the edge of the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh, India. Jhoole has been collaborating with women to help them break the cycle of chronic poverty since 2008. Through achieving economic independence, sending their children to school, continuing their own education and giving back to social causes, the women of Maheshwar create lasting, systemic change in their community.

Jhoole has trained over 500 women in garment manufacturing, employs 50 women full time in our centralized manufacturing facility and supports over 50 artisans who work from home. 

    This year, including trainees, female employees and their families, Jhoole will have an impact on over one thousand people.  

    Our female employees not only benefit financially but also have the opportunity to participate in various trainings and workshops that promote health, life skills, systems thinking, consensus building, project planning and creative problem-solving. 


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