Jhoole/ Nguyen Reinvent Beautiful Collection


The Jhoole/ Nguyen Reinvent Beautiful collection, inspired by artist Tran Nguyen's A Place Procured From Our Yesteryears, features floral and fantastical geometric shapes hand block-printed onto pure cotton jersey, cut and sewn into cozy dresses ideal for wading, sweating, lingering in... from day to night, barefoot to high-heeled.

The collection is designed to be lived in, but like Nguyen’s description of her art, it is also meant to “evoke introspection” and “rattle the unsettled emotions that we subconsciously keep in the very back of our minds”.  Jhoole garments are works of art, brought to life by their wearers- the Reinvent Beautiful Animation is the lifeblood of the collection; it is meant to provoke debate by encouraging people to imagine the potential of Jhoole’s Humanitarian Enterprise shareholder-less business model, one that disrupts a more traditional hierarchal business structure by reinvesting all profits in a social mission. Jhoole, as a fashion-oriented Humanitarian Enterprise, uses the collection to invite people to “reinvent beautiful” by re-imagining beauty, not as something to be “possessed”, but as a force that fosters a greater sense of community, interconnectedness, responsibility and hope. 

All dresses are made-to-order using repurposed, remanent jersey that is then dyed, hand block-printed, cut and sewn by Jhoole artisans to ensure minimum environmental impact. This process, known as “lean manufacturing”, generates minimum waste. The made-to-order dresses are shipped directly from Maheshwar, India by Jhoole artisans and take two to three weeks to arrive. 

All proceeds from the collection go to Jhoole's dual mission of helping Maheshwar artisans eradicate poverty in their communities and working to spread the Humanitarian Enterprise model throughout the globe. 



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