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Jhoole is gathering a team of paradigm-builders to take an interdisciplinary approach to achieving our brand's mission; we enjoy cross-polinating ideas and taking scenic, adventurous detours. We will be taking a holistic approach and working together on the following:

  • internal and public-facing multimedia communications on the concept, history and potential of Jhoole and Humanitarian Enterprise
  • experimental yet extremely wearable fashion collections
  • the curriculum and marketing materials for a camp in Maheshwar where global artists and designers can come learn traditional handicraft skills and experience a Humanitarian Enterprise firsthand.
  • the Humanitarian Enterprise curriculum for Jhoole artisans. 

This year, we have opportunities for people interested in working either remotely from pretty much anywhere on the globe, as well as for those wanting to experience Jhoole’s headquarters in Maheshwar, India. Start dates are flexible. 

We do not care if you are ivy league or a high school dropout starving artist, we will be assessing candidates on the quality of the work they can contribute. The only requirements are dedication, a good work ethic and a jedi-like devotion to the greater good. Jhoole is looking for people in the following areas: 

  • Artists (visual and performance), photographers, graphic designers, animators, directors, cinematographers 
  • Fashion: fashion designers and textile designers (especially those interested in block prints, hand-dyeing, hand-embroidery, and hand-woven textiles), buyers, fashion journalists
  • Sales and Marketing (especially Guerrilla Marketing and Social Media) 
  • PR
  • Writing: people who know how to say beautiful things
  • Academics: We are looking for rigorous researchers willing to explore the unknown and challenge convention.

    We need you to help define and refine the Humanitarian Enterprise concept and model as well as work with our team to bring academic research to a broad-based audience through engaging multimedia communications. Please contact us if you are an MA or PhD student with research interests in any of the following relevant areas:    fair trade, social enterprise, ethical fashion, environmental impact of fashion production, development studies with a focus on education, women's studies, south asian studies, economics, corporate law, branding, positive psychology, mindfulness

  • Please let us know if you are working in an area that is not listed but that you feel is relevant to our mission

To apply, please send a resume, link to a portfolio or samples of work where relevant, and a cover letter explaining why you are interested in working with Jhoole to