Humanitarian Enterprise: Reinvent Beautiful




Reinvent Beautiful Credits:

Concept, Story and Screenplay: Hannah Warren
Storyboard & Animation: Ursula Feuersinger
Storyboard: Hannes Siengalewicz
Soundtrack: Everyday, Cinematic Orchestra
Sound Design: Stefan Deisenberger
Voice Actor: Shanna Bennet
Voiceover Recording: Jerry Mills
Character Model: Shristi Nimkar
Creative Consulting Team: James Brooks, Julie Klinger
Artistic Inspiration: Tran Nguyen 


The “Reinvent Beautiful” animation explains the Humanitarian Enterprise model through a fantastical narrative. It is meant to provoke debate and accompanies the Reinvent Beautiful Collection, a collaboration with artist Tran Nguyen. 

Jhoole is the first business to assume the title, legal framework and certification mark of "Humanitarian Enterprise". 

The Humanitarian Enterprise model supports:

  • using business as a tool to redirect wealth to the public domain, rather than a small elite
  • generating "Social Shares", profits that are distributed to social causes
  • experimenting with innovative ways to fight growing inequality 
  • encouraging employee wellbeing through a participatory philanthropic model

 What makes Humanitarian Enterprise different than Social Enterprise? 

  • Humanitarian Enterprises fall on the social enterprise spectrum;  they already exist, but, without this distinct new term, they are typically refereed to as nonprofit social enterprises or for-profit social enterprises that donate one hundred percent of their profits to a social mission 
  • Social enterprise is an umbrella term that can be used to describe many organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, with various ratios of financial commitment to a social mission versus private profit for shareholders; Humanitarian Enterprises, on the other hand, are legally required to invest all profits in their social missions.
  • Humanitarian Enterprises have no traditional shareholders; they are either nonprofit businesses or for-profit businesses that adhere to the “no earnings” rule. All profits must go back to the Humanitarian Enterprise’s mission through sustaining and growing the organization and funding nonprofit programs promoting wellbeing for the general public through education, the arts, poverty eradication, health and nutrition, and environmental conservation. 

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