Sangita Chouhan

Sangita Chouhan has been working at Jhoole for 5 years. She had an arranged marriage as a teenager and soon gave birth to a daughter she named Pratigya. Her husband became mentally and physically abusive. She divorced him to protect herself and her daughter. Due to the stigma surrounding divorce in rural India, she faced harsh criticism from friends and family. However, she was focused on overcoming obstacles to provide for her daughter. It is not an easy task being a single mother in the village of Maheshwar where there are still very few economic opportunities for women.

Initially, she got a job working in the fields as a laborer. This provided very little income. She and her daughter ended up needing to move from house to house as she was not able to pay rent on time and would be kicked out by her landlords. She wanted to send her daughter to a good school, but could not afford the tuition. After becoming employed with Jhoole, everything changed. She is now able to afford rent and is able to send her daughter to school. She says that Jhoole has also brought her status and respect in the community. She has gained economic independence and is able to create a brighter future for her daughter.