The Labyrinth Collection

Meticulously hand-dyed and block-printed, The Labyrinth Collection incorporates  sacred geometric shapes and was inspired by the incredible labyrinth on the Womanspace grounds. 

Co-designed by Womanspace and Jhoole artists who cross-pollinated ideas, the intercultural, collaborative design process, allowed the designers to speak to one another as women in a visual language that transcends translations.

Like the labyrinth, collaborative design is a journey of inner exploration and outward connection, the discovery of enhanced beauty through engaging, sharing and refining. The theme of sacred geometry reflects a universal language of order and harmony that is inherent in nature and manifests itself in beautiful and unique ways across every culture. From the winding paths of the labyrinth to the ancient Sri Yantra incorporated in our garments, sacred geometry symbolizes a transformational path for all of us to find meaning, purpose and connection in our lives.

Garments from The Labyrinth Collection are holistically beautiful as 100% of proceeds go to our mission of empowering women, both locally in the Rockford, IL region and in Maheshwar, India where Jhoole is based. Most importantly, we hope they inspire the wearer to become the most loving, benevolent and creative versions of themselves.

As an embodiment of our philosophy, every garment is crafted with purpose and lean-manufactured/ made-to-order. We will not be mass-producing stock to sit and potentially be sold on clearance. Every piece will only be made when someone loves the garment and pre-orders. These are not fast fashion garments meant to be worn one season and thrown out the next. They are works of art representing our mission and made to be cherished. 

All the Jhoole cooperative women collaborated in the design process with special training from Pratibha Syntex based designer Akansha Sharma. The Womanspace team included Rose Belida Ingrassia, Emily Watson-Rice and Hannah Warren.

These products are made-to-order and delivery will take between three weeks to one month and is also subject to delay due to the Covid crisis in India. We appreciate your patience. 

We also want to thank these contributors for their input:

-Aimee Floto

-designer Rachel Snyder (for some of the lovely initial silhouettes) 

-Jhoole intern, Mateo Herrera

-The Standard for their beautiful venue

-photographer Alyce Henson for capturing the spirit of The Labyrinth Collection

-Make-up artist Monica Boettner Glenny 

Thanks also to our wonderful models: 

Sanjana Nathella 

Masha Erofeeva

Linda Castree

Breana Burden 

Emily Watson-Rice