Inscape Collective


Jhoole was originally founded in 2008. It is registered as a 501c3 in the US and as a Cooperative Society in India. Until now, Jhoole US, has had the sole purpose of supporting the Jhoole Cooperative in India through fundraising and promoting social enterprise. 

Now, for the first time, we have established a new project under Jhoole US, called Inscape Collective, based in Midtown at 201 7th Street, the former home of the Just Goods fair trade store in Rockford, Illinois. We are excited to carry on the legacy of community oriented activities in this beautiful space.

Inscape is a unique social enterprise. Our retail shop sells products from diverse female artists, artisans and entrepreneurs, primarily based in the greater Rockford area, as well as the Labyrinth Collection of Jhoole athleisure wear. A portion of proceeds from our sales go towards subsidizing a wide-array of life-enhancing programming available to women here in Rockford (and sometimes around the world with virtual programs) to ensure that it is accessible to women of all socio-economic backgrounds.

We will offer programs in areas ranging from the creative arts, holistic health, exercise and entrepreneurial skills, to meditation and mindfulness. The ultimate aim of these programs is to help women make meaningful friendships while engaging in activities that promote self-development and creativity.

Nothing enhances life and fosters wellbeing more than a sense of community and belonging. Amidst the mental health crisis, we believe it is essential to create safe, welcoming, inclusive spaces, where women can form friendships all while learning and growing through a wide array of diverse programs

The Midtown location is strategic to our mission—to provide economic, creative, and self-actualization opportunities to people of all backgrounds from throughout the Rockford community. 

To learn more, visit This is a new project and we are all excited to watch it evolve!