Premium Programs

We love being able to provide so many free programs for everyone to enjoy here on the Experience India site. We are also offering some exciting "Premium Programs" to help us raise funds to support our vital mission. Tickets to get access to all 3 "Premium Programs" are $20 for Students & Seniors and $35 general admission.  

These "Premium Programs" include: 

- Access to a compelling, pre-recorded hour long performance by the phenomenal world-renowned classical Bharatanatayam dancer Priya Venkataraman. The video above is a sample of her incredible art.  

-Attend "Meditation through Breath & Imagery", a live, interactive Zoom program on Saturday, March 20th from 10 am-11 am. This meditation class will combine the guided meditation of Dr. Shiraz Tata with an interactive introduction to Pranayama by Hannah Warren. Experience how breathing techniques can help you manage stress and experience a sense of calm and euphoria. 

-Join in a FUN Virtual Gathering to celebrate the coming of Spring on Saturday, March 27, 10-11 am.  Experience a couple of festivals celebrated in the spring in India with folks of South Asian origin. We will share information about these holidays in general as well as our personal experiences with them and give you an opportunity to share what you enjoy about this time of year yourself! This will also be a Zoom party. You can ask any questions you may be dying to ask about India - and we will try to answer them!!

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