Womanspace Collaboration

Jhoole is developing a symbiotic relationship with another nonprofit women’s empowerment organization, Womanspace, a unique organization based in Rockford, Illinois, that focuses on empowering women to become creative, confident, impactful leaders. 

In a new collaboration, a group of Womanspace and Jhoole artists will cross-pollinate ideas and techniques to design an athleisure wear collection. During the COVID crisis, the truly globalized nature of our modern world is accentuated now more than ever before. The silver lining in this tragic pandemic is the pronounced opportunity for deeper connection, within local communities and across the globe.  The new prevalence and common mastery of Zoom makes it much easier for Womanspace and Jhoole to interact in more intimate and immediate ways than we previously imagined possible. Even across continents, we can work closely together, united in a common mission of empowering women to transform communities.

The collaborative athlesiure wear collection will incorporate hand-dyeing and block printing techniques and be available for sale online and at Womanspace in December 2020. The profits from sales of this collection will be split equally between Womanspace and Jhoole to support both organizations in their common goal of helping women to reach their full potential as individuals and engaged citizens.

We are accepting applications for artists to collaborate in this project through Thursday, September 10th, 2020. A small group of four to six artists and/or designers will be selected to participate. This position is a volunteer opportunity to grow creatively and to have a positive impact through empowering women. Design sessions will be facilitated by fashion merchandiser Rose Ingrassia and Jhoole founder, Hannah Warren, at Womanspace and will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 8 p.m. from September 15to November 12. The project will culminate with a virtual fashion show fundraiser in late November or early December.

Those who apply should be creative, versatile, and passionate about women’s empowerment. Applicants do not need to have a specific textile or fashion design background. To apply, please send a brief letter explaining why you would like to participate, as well as some examples of creative work that you have done in any medium, to hannah@womanspace-rockford.org.

Those interested in supporting the collaboration and/or learning more can visit the Jhoole Exhibit at Womanspace, 3333 Maria Linden Drive, Rockford. Products will be available for purchase with 100% of profits going towards the collaboration. There will be an opening event on Thursday, September 10th from 5:30- 8:30 pm.